The Skate Society is for all and honorary members Forty Two (The NG1's) are based in Nottingham. The store is run by Rob Johnson and Scott Underdown. When we were kids, Rob, Scott, and I used to skate together all over the place. We had a wicked crew. Skaters like Alan Rushbrooke, Harry, Jon Weatherall, Reese The Piece, Andy Horsley, Johnny Robo, Ben Powell, Joe, Craig etc etc. There were loads of us. We skated the shit out of Nottingham and enjoyed what was probably one of the strongest scenes outside of London. It was epic, and a time I treasure. 

To celebrate 10years, Forty Two have released BLOWOUT. It's a rad little film featuring some of the current rippers and spots that Nottingham has to offer. I have to say it makes me proud to come from such a sick scene. Loads of very rad skaters, and even though the spots have changed, the spirit remains.  

This 19 minute video showcases the talents of Nottingham based heads: Alex Hallford, Tommy May, George Worthington, Nick Hanson, Theo Feron, Luke Humphries, Chris 'Bambi' Price, Kai Gunn, Millie Warren, Karim Keita, Chris Thorne, Miriam Nelson and friends such as Jordan Thackeray, Luke Humphreys, Joe Allen and more! Get stuck into this enjoyable Forty Two video above, then go and support them here:


All hail the NG1's Long Live The Wheel!!!


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