Dirty Girls 1996

It's not what you first imagine with a title like "Dirty Girls." Shot in 1996 and focusing on a group of Grunge girls labeled "Dirty Girls" (apparently they don't shower), this film is a snapshot that captures what is, for most, a difficult time. Raw, low fi, and chopped together, this portrait of a group of somewhat ostracised girls beautifully illustrates what it means to go against the high school hierarchy.
Shot on VHS and with a solid DIY aesthetic, this time capsule presents the views and perspectives of a pretty forward-thinking group of 13-year-olds stuck in a world of hyper-awareness and mindless conformity. Some great moments show other students' opinions of the girls as they review the Dirty Girls zine. Most seem to be expressing what they feel is the right thing to say. Still, I also think that some of the negative opinions mask a genuine admiration for the freedom of this group of rebels. They are pretty ahead of the game, discussing objectification and pushing back against ideas of what it means to be feminine.
This film will ring true for anyone who has felt slightly at odds with the general status quo. It's a film about finding your voice and not being afraid to express it. Something that is proving to be even more difficult today in our world of social media norms and self-censorship. It's clear that these girls see the game and play it for what it is. Well worth a watch.
Director: Michael Lucid

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