The Skate Society is happy to announce its first Home Ed taster courses. Hosted at the Lodge DIY Skatepark, these sessions consist of three one-hour classes designed to give your young ripper all they need to begin the skateboard journey. We take skaters from ages 8 to 16 (we will take younger kids if they can focus) and teach the techniques you need to enjoy learning to skateboard confidently. 
Skateboarding can help your child develop balance, coordination, motor skills, and spatial awareness. It requires resilience, fosters teamwork, and promotes cooperation and communication skills. It's a problem-solving exercise and taps into new ways of developing skills.
During these sessions you will learn, Pushing, Foot & Body Position, Turning & Carving, Kick Turns, Ollies, Dropping In, Stopping and Falling. These nine techniques are at the heart of skating and will enable the rider to increase their confidence, explore skate terrain and have a solid foundation from which to build.
We encourage students to skate together and enjoy the act of rolling. The classes are always unique and driven by the students' collective ability and approach. 
Cost: £45 for three sessions
You can book to join our Home Ed Taster Session here
Session One.
MONDAY 10:00am - 11:00am
1: 17th April
2: 24th April
3: 1st May
Session Two
MONDAY 11:00am - 12:00pm
1: 17th April
2: 24th April
3: 1st May
Spaces are limited to 6 students per session to ensure plenty of focus and ensure each student gets the required attention. 
We have a limited number of boards and helmets but please get in contact of you need equipment. 
Lessons are hosted at The Lodge DIY Skatepark.18 Phoenix Pl, Lewes, BN7 2QJ
You can book to join our Home Ed Taster Session here

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