Liquid Diamonds

Even though it starts with a voice-over by Northern science twat Brian Cox this is still some solid Miami street action from John Dilo, Jamie Foy, Kevin White, and more.  I doubt they have the same prejudice that I have when it comes to this D Ream tit. Anyway, that's enough of my bias, they look like a pretty solid crew, and this is a nice collection of street hits with a few bangers chucked in for good measure. These guys look like a fun bunch, and overall this one makes you want to skate. Short sweet, nothing groundbreaking but ultimately a video that sits at the heart of what we are all about: friends, the sesh, and some good giggles.  I'm also a fan of the name Gas Giant. It has a good ring to it.
Director : Ish Cepeda
Running Time : 9mins

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