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Word on the street is that there’s a “post-punk” revival going on. I’m not sure when it began but, to be frank, I don’t care. The idea that kids will ever not be into fuck the system, songs about paranoia, depression and teenage angst seems a little silly and I think punk is always a good choice when it comes to teenage music. It’s fast, noisy, critical and bursting with raw life. Calling this revival “post-punk” implies punk was once over. I don’t think so. There has always been good punk music around, it's just a question of knowing where to look/listen.


A great recent find is Mesh’s Self-titled EP. It’s a short but sweet 12 min EP of 5 songs with each offering full of infectious energy, great groves and some excellent lyrics. From the outset of “CIA Mind Control” I felt like I was listening to something that would sit alongside greats like “Firehose / Brave Captain” as a soundtrack to a classic skate part. Perhaps I’m being a little misty-eyed in these heady days of Jeff Mills skate soundtracks but something is exciting and evocative about the opening bars of this EP. The energy is infectious and I challenge you to not be singing along to the “CIA / Mind Control!” mainline. It’s a good one. “Company Jeep” goes straight in with sharp guitars and lyrics bemoaning the drudge of the day today. It’s got some great breakdowns, sharp, tight and driving. “Traveler” begins with booming drums and a relentless sharp driving melody. Biafra style vocals are broadcast from the back of the mix. “I am a traveller!” Great hooks and never letting up this tune beats.


“Missing Link” is a clear winner for favourite lyrics and showcases main writer Sims Hardins’ excellent lyrical approach and dry sense of humour. “The record shows, you’re the missing link” is easily a line that would pop to mind when dealing with knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. 


“Ur Dead” reminds me somewhat of The Rebel or one of those Scottish early 2000’s bands that started popping up with charging energy, catchy melodies, and seem to have led the way for bands like today's Fat White Family. With a chant of “Day in, Day Out, Day In, Day out” it’s clearly a homage to Digital by Joy Division but with a final line of “And now you’re dead!” It’s up to interpretation whether this is a humorous statement of the obvious or just my morbid gallows humour coming through.


There is a maturity to this release that makes it sound like these guys have been playing together for years but with a little research it turns out it's a new venture. A first solo bedroom demo release in 2019 from main writer Sims was then followed by this full band creation. It works well and it’s amazing how fully formed it sounds. This is a banging EP and one to enjoy over and again. I’m hoping I can hear it alongside watching one of my favourite skaters sometime soon. It’s released on Cassette on the 21st of June on Born Yesterday Records and is worth a listen. Enjoy.


Listen to Mesh EP here

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