Yuto is a Raver?!

Perversely I imagine Yuto to be some low key cainer who enjoys nothing more than getting wild with his secret gang of miscreants. In complete contradiction to his public persona of a quiet, focused and somewhat beige character, the inner Yuto is a total rager who likes nothing more than to get buck, get a dance or two, neck a few eccys and spend the evening covered in neon paint cuddling his mates. It's probably not the case but I can't help but imagine his quiet demeanour being a front for a more mental side. Maybe it's his crazy skills, he can't spend all of his time just slaying the skateboard and executing pinnacle skateboard manoeuvres.

This Part is sooo good. Yuto is the straight line to Ben Koppl's wiggle. It's almost boring to watch, but it's not, it's epic. Take a look and enjoy.

I am looking forward to Yuto beating Nyjah at the Olympics. Japan for the win.

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