Who is Heroin Skateboards Deer Man?

If you google it, there are all sorts of theories about the identity of this underground ripper. Some say it's Chris Haslam, but not enough laser flips for it to be him. Others say it could be Canadian ripper Alex Chalmers. I'm not sure; the style doesn't match. Is it Rick McCrank? I found the name Robert Paulson, but when I Google it, all I get is some chat about a former bodybuilder, wrestler, and creator of a chest expansion program who got testicular cancer due to his excessive use of steroids. All very mysterious. Excellent work, Deer Man. You came, you went, you left us with some skateboarding gold.

Whoever it is, we have a final part here for Heroin Skateboards. It's a fun one and worth a watch. Heroin Skateboards are the best and available here.

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