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The Birdhouse pro team is mental!!  AARON "JAWS" HOMOKI, BEN RAYBOURN, CLINT WALKER, DAVID LOY ,LIZZIE ARMANTO ,CLIVE DIXON, SHAWN HALE, ELLIOT SLOAN and his royal highness TONY HAWK. A crazy team both on and off the skateboard.

Birdhouse Skateboards (originally known as Birdhouse Projects) was launched in 1992 by ex-Powell Peralta pros Tony Hawk and Per Welinder. Welinder originally asked Powell Peralta pro skateboarder Lance Mountain to join him, however, it was Tony Hawk, that ended up being his 50-50 partner. After the boom of the 80s with Skateboarding, the sport was now on the decline and the future of the industry looked pretty bleak. The skateboarders decided they both wanted to stay involved in the sport and see if they could regrow it back to its glory days.

Birdhouse had a surge in the late 90's releasing "The End" in 1999. A large budget, go big, or go home skate film with epic parts by the likes of 1998 VHS Birdhouse Projects “The End” featuring Ali Cairns, Andrew Reynolds, Brian Sumner, Bucky Lasek, Heath Kirchart, Jeff Lenoce, Jeremy Klein, Rick McCrank, Steve Berra, Tony Hawk, Willy Santos and more. Worth a watch, as it stands up today for its gnarliness. With the release of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series of games, the company's reputation grew even further as the sport itself became more and more popular.

Birdhouse produces a range of skateboards for riders of all abilities. The Birdhouse Stage 1 is one of the best entry-level skateboards money can buy and are perfect for someone looking to get their first sled. These boards come with softer wheels which results in a slower and more forgiving ride plus additional grip. Birdhouse Stage 1 skateboards have top-level components and allow for a good starter set up that can be swapped out as the rider progresses.

Birdhouse Stage 3 skateboards are perfect for either novice or a seasoned skater.  The decks are well built and durable, constructed from 7-ply Canadian maple wood, and come with 101a wheels. These boards are good for shredding streets or Parks and as with the Stage 1 boards, Birdhouse Stage 3 comes in a range of different styles and designs so you are bound to find one to suit you. 

Birdhouse Skateboards and Decks are of excellent quality, have great shapes, and are a great first skateboard for any new member of the family.

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