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Skateboard Lessons in Sussex


If you are interested in learning how to skateboard,
We take skaters from age 7 to 70 and teach the techniques you need to enjoy the process of learning to skateboard confidently. 
The Techniques we focus on are:
1: Pushing
2: Foot Position
3: Body Position
4: Turning and Carving
5: Kick Turns
6: Stopping
7: Falling

These seven techniques are at the heart of skating and will enable the rider to increase their confidence, explore skate terrain and have a solid foundation from which to build. 
The lessons encourage skaters of varying experience levels to skate together, teach each other, and learn with guidance from the tutor. We are fans of “the session” and push skaters to ride and shralp together. Learning to skate with others is a crucial aspect of enjoying the skatepark and feeling confident.

We have some boards and pads available for hire, but we prefer riders to have their own equipment. We feel that practice is the key, and having your own skateboard and pads will enable riders to practice in their own time. We can teach you the techniques, but you will teach yourself how to skate!
Private Skateboard Lessons
One-on-one teaching sessions are a great way to advance your skills and hone your technique. At The Skate Society, we take great pride in helping perhaps more nervous riders to find their confidence, master skills, and have that extra attention that can make all the difference. Working with a skilled tutor builds confidence and provides the encouragement and focus required to advance faster.
If you have any questions, please get in touch.
Call PETE : 07958 474493