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Are you looking for an experienced production team to help you navigate the world of skateboarding?
The Skate Society is a central hub for skateboarding in the UK, Europe and beyond and can help you with all aspects of the production process. Run by longtime skateboarder and ex-professional Peter Hellicar, we have many years of experience in skateboarding for film, TV, advertising and events. We have access to the world's best skaters and a team of designers, ramp builders, and production professionals who can help you plan, design, build, cast and execute your idea. 

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Are you looking to cast skateboarders for your film, photo shoot, or advertising campaign? 

Getting the right skaters for your project is essential. We have an extensive roster of skateboarders and can ensure that a diverse selection process is employed. Our strong connections to the skateboard community give us access to some of the world's best skaters, and we are keen to work with our clients to ensure their project needs are met.

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We are the bridge between skateboarders and commercial film.

Working with skaters requires an intrinsic understanding of the process, what works best for the skater, and the project's desires. We have a lot of experience choreographing skateboarding for film & TV and maintain respect for the skater and the filming process, creating a bridge that keeps skaters safe and gives directors straightforward communication. Keeping the set productive and ensuring the results are epic is in everyone's interest.

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Do you want to build a skate space or hire ramps for your film, party
or festival?

We have a whole team of designers and ramp builders standing by to help build skateable objects of all kinds. If you need a small ramp for a photo shoot or a whole skatepark for a day, we can install, skate and strike at a rapid speed. We have a considerable collection of existing modular skate objects, so we can work quickly and keep costs reasonable. Our experience on set allows us to understand the tight requirements of a film shoot and ensure that the process is as smooth and painless as possible.

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How do we work?

Whatever the scale of your project, we are happy to provide advice and guidance and help you to work out how best to make your idea work. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Tel: 07958 474493

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