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Pro-Tec Pads Knee & Elbow Skateboard Pad Set Black

Pro-Tec set the industry standard when the Street Pad series hit the scene. High- grade, durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, and full-coverage caps provide complete protection without restricting movement. An ergonomically designed splint with full wrap straps provides palm protection and wrist support without compromising your range of motion.

  • Size guide based on circumference for Knees:
  • Small 30 - 37cm
  • Medium 38 - 44cm
  • Large 45 - 52cm
  • X-Large 53 - 58cm

  • Size guide based on circumference for Elbows:
  • Small: 24 - 28cm
  • Medium: 27 - 30cm
  • Large: 29 - 33cm
  • X-Large: 33 - 38cm

  • Features:

  • Locked in EVA foam (ethylene-vinyl acetate), a combination of thick and thin padding with an ergonomic design that “locks in”
  • Your knees for optimal fit and maximum protection.

  •  Ballistic Nylon, ultra-tough ballistic nylon that resists tears and protects your knees from skids and scrapes.

  • Hard Cap, a curved cap that allows better fit and protection.
  •  Perforated Neoprene, Allows for better ventilation keeping you cool and dry.

  • Pack contents:
  • 1 Pair of Adult Street Elbow Pads & 1 Pair of Adult Street Knee Pads.

  • Pads get well stinky!! Preserve the longevity of your pads and wash them by hand with mild soap and cold water, air to dry. Since 1973, Pro-Tec has set the industry standard for innovative protective gear. Won't stop you from eating shit but might get in the way.